Chalky Interior Matt

Dutch Green Chalky Interior Matt

Marston & Langinger Chalky Interior Matt dismisses a longstanding compromise between designer paint aesthetics and practicality. Here is a paint with extraordinary pigment strength and an ultra-matt finish that is also durable and maintainable, the best of all worlds.

Perception of colour is a combination of its pigment and reflection; with an ultra-matt paint (less than 2% sheen) there is virtually no reflection. The low sheen value can make some ultra-matt paints appear dull, but Chalky Interior Matt possesses such remarkable chroma (colour intensity) that it appears to radiate colour and the range of tones you will see in different lights – highlights, shadows, artificial light, daylight – is positively beguiling.

This is a technically advanced paint that is a pleasure to use, flowing smoothly from the brush and quickly drying to a superb smooth coating giving results that flatter the painter. What is truly extraordinary for an ultra-matt emulsion is that you can clean it with a damp cloth in case of accidents – a characteristic you have to see to believe. Finally, it is almost completely odourless and carries the Nordic Swan mark to endorse its ecological credentials.

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